Tradition and flavors of Verona

Welcome to Ristorante Greppia

Centrally located in the beautiful Verona, restores the lovers of good food and good wine since 1975. At La Greppia you can taste both typical dishes from the popular Veronese cuisine, and dishes from the national tradition.

Each dish will be accompanied by excellent wines of the Veronese tradition and by illustrious wines belonging to the regional and national culture. You will discover how important customer satisfaction is to us. We want you to experience Verona through an experience that involves all the senses, because the Veronese culture, history and traditions are handed down over the years also through our dishes and wines.

Our Kitchen

Our list includes some Venetian appetizers such as the local sopressa, the typical salami from Verona, with a coarse-grained dough mixed with garlic and aromas, traditional sausage , apparently dating back to the Scaligeri (13th & deg; century).


Our wine proposal

As you can see from our wine lists, our cellar is rich in aromas. All the wines from our cellar have been selected thanks to the experience we have built over time. The term “ wine ” originates from Sanskrit and in particular from the verb “ vein ” which means “ to love ”. And & rsquo; a pleasant confirmation that the Latin name Venus of the goddess Venus, the goddess of beauty, also derives from the same term. We can therefore say that the beauty of our wines accompanies each of our dishes.
Our cellar offers more than 300 labels. Particular attention is paid to the search for " Biodynamic " wines and " Natural ".